Week 15 Nailing a Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon

Week 15 (duration 225-260mins)

2 Weeks to go!! It is getting real now. This week is all about fine tuning your fitness and strength. You will be feeling good about your training. This week the training intensity will be dialled down marginally. Your workout is a proven steady state run. You run this at medium pace, typically this is the pace that you can maintain for 2 ½ hours. So slightly slower than your half marathon pace. It is an effective workout. Keep in the pace range and do not be tempted to dial in your half marathon race pace. We will save that for your fast finish Long steady run.

The fast finish is your last opportunity to dial in that all important half marathon pace, that will be almost second nature to you now. Your target is to hit that last 6k at this pace or slightly faster.

You will be feeling strong and ready. Focus on holding to the paces. Try to find an course similar to the one that you will race on and attempt to emulate the race morning with this last long run. You ARE almost ready.

Phase: Half marathon Taper and Peak

Monday – Rest / Day off

Tuesday – Easy Run 60-80mins, pace 5:52-6:25

Wednesday - Recovery or Cross Train, 30mins,  pace 5:52-6:25

Thursday – Steady state 85-105mins, warm up (5:52-6:25), 10k steady state (5:31-5:46) and 15-25mins(5:52-6:25) to cool down

Friday / Saturday - Recovery or Cross Train, 30mins, pace 5:52-6:25

Sunday – Fast finish, 90-105mins, pace 5:53-6:38, last 3-6km at 5:21 pace or faster


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