Week 3 Nailing a Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon

Week 3 (duration 140-185mins)

Well done you are half way through the base phase. The training plan is progressively building ‘time on feet’, getting your body used to doing more, going further. You should now be comfortable about the easy pace range and more confident about maintaining the half marathon goal pace.

Remember the Recovery days and optional training,  this plan allows for you to undertake other activities (strength training, yoga, pilates, cross-training). If you prefer to run on these days keep this the time indicated and within the pace range. You don’t need to do these optional runs. They are optional.

The runs are getting longer this can lead people to give up, too hard. Don’t be that person. If you find that the training is becoming a chore or that you are overly fatigued, unpack why. It is natural to want to do all the training as prescribed, but sometimes life just gets in the way. Sometimes you just don’t feel like training. On days like these it is ok to adjust the training or event just take the day off. You can read more about this in When not to run or to change a workout.

You have another opportunity to dial in your goal pace this week. If you are finding this easy then increase the progression element from 10 to 15 minutes.

Phase: Base fitness

Monday – Rest / Day off

Tuesday – Easy Run 30-45mins, pace 6:02-6:37

Wednesday - Recovery or Cross Train, 30mins, pace 6:02-6:37

Thursday – Progression Run 40-50mins, pace 6:02-6:37, last 10 mins at Half Marathon goal pace, 5:21-5:40

Friday / Saturday - Recovery or Cross Train, 30mins, pace 6:02-6:37

Sunday – Long Steady Run, 60-90mins, pace 6:04-6:50


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