sub 2 hour 16 week half marathon training plan

Are you looking to go sub 2 hours in your next Half Marathon?

Can you answer YES to these questions?

  • Have run one or several half marathons and completed them between 2h and 2h10m and are now ready for the next step and go sub 2hours?
and / or
  • Can you complete (on a flat course) a 5k in 25-27minutes or a 10k in 53-57minutes race and now want a bigger challenge?
  • Are you able to run 30mins on your regular runs and at least an hour on a long run?
  • Have you consistently run trained for the last 6-8weeks, 2-3 times per week?
  • Does your weekly mileage average 12-18miles or 19-29km per week?
  • Are you able to commit and bring your determination and consistency to complete a 16 week plan, that will have you running 3 times a week, progressively improving your fitness?
  • Do you have a  SmartPhone or watch, that is gps capable, can map where you run, allow you to manage your pace and preferably heart rate?

If you answered yes to these questions then this training plan is optimised for you!  

This sub 2-hour half marathon training plan will improve your endurance progressively. You will build your stamina and speed with specific, proven workouts. You will perform goal pace workouts so that you will have the confidence to dial in your race pace. There are several predictor workouts so you can be sure of your ability to sustain your goal pace on race day.

If on the other hand this does not quite match your experience. Then get in touch, we personalise plans for athletes of all ages and capabilities to help them reach their running goals. Email us here: or buy a different training plan here

Subscribing to the Training Plan

Once you have completed the athlete questionnaire AND subscribed HERE The FREE 16 week training plan will be sent to you in weekly installments. 

You do have to subscribe to receive the weekly coach advice and planned runs. This is all most athletes need. You are then able to balance your planned running with your own schedule. 

Alternatively, the training plan can be published on our private online training platform FinalSurge. But there is a cost to this. The platform provides a number of features:

  • All your weekly planned workouts are in one place on a mobile app. 
  • You can easily move your workouts around to suit your schedule.
  • You get access to all the running metrics that the platform provides. 
  • You get access to all the running calculators to refine your training pace
  • You will be emailed the night before advising of the plan the following day.
  • You can synchronise workouts to your SmartWatch.
  •  If you have any questions regarding the training plan, our coaches can see what you have been doing (no one else can).

THIS IS NOT FREE, there is a one off set up cost to join our FinalSurge private coaching platform, if you want to buy it here:  

Training Plan access on FinalSurge

This is optional many athletes simply do not need to do this, if they are willing to self manage their training program. 

The Sub 2h Half Marathon Training Plan

I am a qualified running coach. But first and foremost I am a runner. Included in this training plan is all the advice I wish I had had when preparing for my first sub 2hour half marathon. I know you will find it useful. 

Duration: 16 weeks

Runs per week: 3

Optional runs or cross training: 2-3

Time per week: 105 – 235mins

Workouts per week: 1

Each planned run includes a range of duration or distance and pace. This means that actual mileage may vary. The paces will progressively advance through the training plan, so that you are always optimally challenged. The training plan is flexible and has been designed to flow in and around your life commitments. You can move runs around based on your schedule.

The pace range is provided to allow flexibility for you to adjust the pace based on how you are feeling. We all have bad days, rather than not run, do the planned workout at the slower end of the range. The converse is also true, feel great run toward the faster end of the range.

Paces and distances are provided in miles or kilometers - You choose!

Example Week 1 of the Sub 2 hour Plan!

Minutes per mile ( and kilometer) are provided in this example. You will need to specify your preference on sign up. 

Week 1 (duration 105-150mins)

Phase: Base fitness

Monday – Recovery or Cross Train, 30mins, pace 9:39-10:38m/mile (5:59-6:29m/km)

Tuesday – Easy Run 30-45mins, pace 9:39-10:38m/mile (5:59-6:29m/km)

Wednesday - Recovery or Cross Train, 30mins, pace 9:39-10:38m/mile (5:59-6:29m/km)

Thursday – Progression Run 30-45mins, pace 9:39-10:38m/mile (5:59-6:29m/km), last 10 mins at Half Marathon goal pace, 8:36-9:06m/mile (5:21-5:40m/km)

Friday / Saturday - Recovery or Cross Train, 30mins, pace 9:39-10:38m/mile (5:59-6:29m/km)

Sunday – Long Steady Run, 45-50mins, pace 9:45-11:00m/mile (6:01-6:46m/km)

There is an easy to use Glossary of terms that describes each type of run 

Good luck with your training. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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