From Nick D, Christchurch, NZ

Getting a Running Coach was a Game-Changer

Working with Simon as my running coach has been an absolute game-changer for me. His expertise goes far beyond just improving my pace; he has transformed my entire approach to running. The personalized training program has been tailored to my goals, ensuring each session pushed me to new limits while preventing burnout or injury, which as a middle aged guy I have had issues with in the past.

Simon kept me honest, gently calling me out if I was struggling with consistency and his motivational strategies and insightful advice helped me overcome mental barriers, boosting my confidence on and off the track.

Thanks to Simon's expertise and unwavering commitment, I've not only become a better runner but also a more resilient individual. I wholeheartedly recommend Simon as a running coach to anyone seeking not just improvements in their running but a holistic transformation in their athletic journey


From Sarah R, Dunedin, NZ

Coach Fantastic

Simon’s coaching has been instrumental in supporting me to achieve my running goals as well as garnering a better understanding of how to get the best out of my training without increasing my risk of injury. Simon has helped get the right balance for me incorporating both the physical and mental aspects of running. His ability to motivate others is outstanding. Simon’s positive outlook ensures the journey is enjoyable and the destination (goal) takes care of itself. I look forward to achieving more goals in 2024 with RhodesRunner.


From Lila R, Dunedin, NZ

My experience with Simon as a running coach

Simon is an excellent coach, he positively encouraged me to complete my program and helped smash out a new 1500m and 800m personal best. He consistently motivated me to be the best version of myself and got my head in the right space and race ready with the right strategy.

Simon had unwavering support for me throughout my journey and offered brilliant advice and support to me when I needed it. He kept me responsible and in control of my training load and was very good at reminding me what my focus and what my "why" was.

Overall Simon is the best coach I have had in my time of running. Which is why I definitely recommend him as a coach to others as he has helped me to become more focused on my goals and a more disciplined athlete overall.


From Alison B, Whitney, UK

A BIG Thank you

For the tailored programme we've just finished. I think that I achieved more in 8 weeks than all the time I spent at a previous gym and that is thanks to your excellent coaching. 


Liz E, Bampton, UK

Positive character and excellent motivator

Simon coached me and I found it extremely beneficial. Not only did it enable me to lose weight, but it has also given me the confidence to take my fitness training that stage further. At all times I have found Simon's manner supportive and instructive, I have no hesitation recommending him. 


Christina W, Charlbury, UK

To all unfit 40s I say: If I can do it, then anyone can

Simon was very encouraging and informative. Simon knew that he was taking on a very overweight person, but, never once was i made to feel incapable to accomplish the tailored programme, or I was not worth the effort! The encouragement, push and drive stretched me to greater lengths more than I could have managed by myself at the time. But I can certainly manage now thanks to Simon. 

I completed the programme and I my total weight loss was 7lb which I am very proud of.

Who ever has the privilege to engage Simon as a coach will reap the rewards and achieve their goals. 


Victoria C and Richard J

Delighted with our weight loss!

We joined as a couple with a tailored programme to help us get fitter and lose weight. We were really pushed to new levels, that we did not think that we could cope with. But thanks to Simon's determination and hardwork motivating and pushing us, it all paid off. By the end of the 6 week programme Richard lost 10.5lbs and I had lost 14lbs. We both recommend Simon's coaching to both improve their health and fitness with the added incentive of losing weight. 

We have continued exercising three times a week because once you see that you are losing weight and your fitness is improving, you just have to keep going!