Meet Coach Simon




I am a runner, personal fitness trainer and coach. I took up running seriously in my 40's and have been able to combine my unique experiences and coaching expertise to guide others to become successful endurance athletes. 

- Accredited Coach, Athletics New Zealand
- Certified McMillan Running Coach
- Personal Fitness Trainer, YMCA, London
- Psychology BSc (hons)

I know what it takes to become the best you can be as a runner. I have been on that exact journey from non-runner to improver runner , to Master’s (50+) competitive athlete. My most recent notable achievements:


  • Title, M50, 10,000m, 3,000m, 1500m, Otago Track & Field Champs.
  • Title, M50, 5000m NZ Masters Track & Field Champs, 17:23.76.


  • Title, M50, Half Marathon, Otago Half Marathon Champs, 1:22.50.
  • 1st, M50 Dunedin Half Marathon, 1:20.38.
  • Title, M50, 10,000m, Otago Track & Field Champs.
  • Title, M50 10k, Otago Road Champs.
  • Title, M50 Otago Cross Country Champs.


  • Title, M35-49, 5000m, Otago Track & Field Champs, 17:13.63.
  • 2nd, M35-49, 5000m, NZ Masters Track & Field Champs, 17:13.63.
  • 3rd, M35-49, Dunedin Half Marathon, 1:22.36

These would not have been possible without coaching.  

I understand the unique challenges of starting out in running or improving once you have hit a plateau. It can be intimidating, everyman and his dog has an opinion and it is difficult to know, not only how to start, but what you need and how to get better, whilst avoiding injury. I founded RhodesRunner to provide all the advice and guidance you need. This is the same advice and guidance that I used and it is taken directly from the proven McMillan method and structured programs.  The training plans that RhodesRunner has access to have helped tens of thousands of athletes globally realise their goals they can do the same for you:

  • Scientifically-based, individualised plans to help meet your goals
  • Optimised, advancing training paces to keep your fitness building
  • Training that fits into your busy life 
  • Adaptable plans that evolve as you get fitter. 

So, if you want to run but do not know where to start or are already a regular runner but want to improve or take your running to the NEXT LEVEL, then get in touch.

Most importantly I am a real person, not a machine or AI enabled, my training plans and coaching is not algorithm determined. I firmly believe that every runner is unique and as such deserves a personalised training plan to be their best. Don't settle for mediocrity. Be the best you can be.

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