About us

Hi, I am Simon Rhodes, Coach and Founder.

I created RhodesRunner to specifically help runners like you and me cut through the mass of information out there and provide a single source of qualified running advice, training plans and coaching that works. I am here to enable YOU to be the best runner that you can be, no matter your age, experience or ability.

RhodesRunner provides:

  • proven, structured and progressive training plans
  • personalised coaching 
  • running advice and insight

With access to 100s of training plans that have helped 10,000s athletes reach their goals, you can be assured that they will help you reach yours. All training plans are coach curated with paces and workouts tailored to your goal. 

There are  online coaching options for beginners, improver runners, those wanting to take their running to the next level and our premium service 1:1 coaching for full accountability from a hand-built plans. 

No matter the training plan you are on you have access to qualified and experienced coaches to answer your questions. All training plans are delivered via an online, private training platform.

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Our Training Plans & Coaching Options

Novice / Beginner / Improver / Intermediate to Advanced Athlete

Durations 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 weeks

5k training plans

10k training plans

Half marathon training plans

Marathon training plans

Essentials package for beginners looking for running guidance 

Improver package for those with some running experience

Next Level package for those running 4-6x/week & ready to take a step up

Fully personalised 1:1 online coaching