In a testament to the transformative impact of resilience and structured coaching. A journey over 2 decades which has seen me realise my running potential in my 50s. I am running faster now than ever before.

From the Couch to Podium: An Accidental Athlete's Journey

For all running enthusiasts and those seeking inspiration!


Today, I'm sharing a story that many might find relatable – the unexpected transformation of an ordinary individual into what I now proudly call the Accidental Athlete. My journey into the world of running has been far from conventional, but it's a tale of resilience, self-discovery, and achieving extraordinary results.


Let's rewind a bit. I wasn't your typical high-performance athlete, nor did I boast any noteworthy achievements in regional or national events until a couple of years ago. I'm just a regular family guy, a recreational runner at heart, who decided to push the boundaries of what's possible and be the best version of myself. Along the way, I hoped to inspire my kids with the lessons of dedication, grit, resilience, and consistency. So, here goes – my story.


I stumbled upon running in my mid-thirties, carrying around an extra 20kgs (44lbs) and a less-than-efficient running style. Trust me; the well-meaning comments from both ex-athletes and everyday folks were abundant and not always supportive. I was a sweaty mess at the end of each run. This was not the most glamorous introduction to the running world, but the feeling of accomplishment kept me coming back for more.


My first competitive half marathon was in 2007, I followed a program from a book. It was a pivotal moment. Despite the less-than-glamorous running style and bleeding feet, I completed it in 1hr30. It felt fantastic and sore. I felt proud of my achievement, but there were still those not so well-intentioned that suggested I could've done better with just a tad more effort. As if running 1hr30 was a walk in the park!


Life happened – the birth of my three children and work commitments took their toll, and my running journey took a backseat for nearly a decade. In 2016 I resurrected the old program from 2007, dusted off my trainers, and decided it was time to offset my now ballooning weight, caused by too much wining, dining, and entertaining clients. I was out of shape, but my attitude had undergone a significant shift.


I was in my mid-forties, and I trained hard for 16 weeks, shedding weight and improving my fitness. Yet, the reality check hit hard when the half marathon that year chewed me up and spat me out 17 minutes slower than in 2007. It was a tough pill to swallow. My running journey once again took a backseat and it took me a good two years to bounce back from the disappointment.


In 2018, I laced up my running shoes once again, primarily to lose weight and counteract my sedentary lifestyle. However, without clear goals or direction, I faltered. It wasn't until 2019, with my weight soaring over 90kg (200lbs), that I decided something had to change. I started running again, slowly at first, progressively increasing my efforts. Unlike previous attempts, the weight didn't just magically disappear. For the first time in my life, I had to modify my diet while progressively ramping up my training.


Over a dedicated 16-week period and focused effort on both training and managing my diet, I shed 20kgs (44lbs). This marked a turning point in my journey. Armed with determination, attitude, grit, and commitment, I followed the trusty training program from 2007 in 2020. The result? A half marathon time of 1:33, slower than 2007 but a personal victory nonetheless. Three months later, I broke the 1:30 barrier with a time of 1:29. I was running faster in my late forties than I did in my mid-thirties. The question arose – how far could I take this?


In 2020, after reading countless inspirational running books, I decided to seek professional help. Let's face it; the well-intentioned advice from ex-high-performing athletes or knarly old running veterans, while appreciated, wasn’t always consistent, and certainly wasn't always applicable to someone like me – a middle-aged recreational runner with limited talent, time, and technique. I resolved to hire a running coach, from McMillan Running and within a year, my life changed.


With a structured program tailored to my life, capabilities, and goals, at the age of 48, I smashed my personal records – a half marathon in 1:23, a 10K in 36:14, and a 5K in 17:40. The subsequent years brought more victories, regional titles, and personal bests, proving the transformative power of coaching.


At 50, I conquered a half marathon in 1:20. If someone had told me five years ago that this was possible, I would've laughed. I share these achievements not to boast, but rather to highlight the impact that structured coaching can have on a recreational runner.


Determination, attitude, grit, and commitment are crucial, but a coach provides the roadmap, motivation, and accountability needed to turn aspirations into reality. Inspired by my journey, I resolved to become a McMillan running coach myself. With certifications in hand and a passion for helping others reach their full potential, I invite you to join me on this, your transformative journey.


Whether you're a novice or a recreational runner, with an event specific training program tailored to the time you have available or personalised coaching, I'm here to guide, motivate, and help you break through your limits. I will hold you to account and you will discover and achieve something quite extraordinary.  


So, if you're ready to step out of your comfort zone, embrace your potential, get hot and sweaty, and discover the extraordinary within, then reach out. Let's run this race together, not just for the finish line, but for the self-discovery, resilience, commitment and a healthier you, that each stride represents.


Your running transformation awaits!


Here’s to breaking barriers and achieving the extraordinary.


The Training Plans that I used & Our Coaching Options

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Durations 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 weeks

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