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RhodesRunner Proud To Be the Training Partner The Dunedin Marathon

I am absolutely delighted to share that RhodesRunner is now the proud training partner to 2024 Emerson's Dunedin Marathon. This event is 15 September 2024.

On entry all participants will receive a special discount for their event:

5k, use Dunedin5k

10k use Dunedin10k

half marathon use DunedinHM

full marathon use DunedinFull

The Dunedin Marathon is an AIMS certified course and the last opportunity in New Zealand to qualify to run in the Boston Marathon in 2025.

All RhodesRunner training plans are personalised to you by a qualified coach. Don't leave your training to chance. Train the right way with a proven, structured, progressive plan. 

Although 5 months away now is the time to start getting your base training in before moving on to building your running stamina and strength. 

So if you want to achieve something amazing, like run a 10k, half or full marathon, and just don't know where to start - RhodesRunner is here to help. 

Happy Running 


Be The Best You Can Be

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