Week 12 Nailing a Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon

Week 12 (duration 215-245mins)

Welcome to week 12! Whilst building up time on your feet. This week we will use a tried a proven goal pace half marathon workout. This is a key marker workout that defines your readiness to lock in and maintain that goal pace on race day. Depending on how it goes, you may have to re-calibrate your expectations.  

This is best run on a similar course to the event. Focus on pace and maintaining it. This will require concentration. This is one of the best simulation half marathon workouts that I use. It replicates how you will feel on race day, it is challenging, but not overwhelming. With all the training that you have done you will be capable of this!

Keep the recovery jogs as that, easy pace or slightly slower, this is a constant workout, no stopping and try to avoid walking between reps.

As with your other long runs this is an excellent opportunity for you to practise your race day hydration and nutrition. Practice doing this without stopping. Eating and drinking on the move requires practice!


Phase: Half marathon specific training

Monday – Rest / Day off

Tuesday – Easy Run 30-45mins, pace 5:55-6:29

Wednesday - Recovery or Cross Train, 30mins, pace 5:55-6:29

Thursday – Goal pace intervals, 80mins, 3x3km at goal pace (5:21-5:40), with 3:30 mins recovery between each.  Warm up 10-20mins (5:55-6:29), 10-20mins to cool down (5:55-6:29)

Friday / Saturday - Recovery or Cross Train, 30mins, pace 5:55-6:29

Sunday – Long Steady Run, 105-120mins, pace 5:57-6:42


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