Week 10 Nailing a Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon

Week 10 (duration 175-250mins)

Phase: Half marathon specific training

Welcome to week 10! Whilst building up time on your feet, this week you will be introduced to the tempo interval workout. Your tempo pace is slightly faster than your goal pace. This workout is specifically designed to improve your aerobic capacity – your body’s ability to efficiently transport oxygenated blood to the working muscles.

These workouts can cause fatigue. So please pay particular attention to your body, any aches, pains or tiredness. If you are in any doubt as to whether to run or not read this useful article: When to change a workout. Also if you do have any muscle tightness, aches or pains that do not ease after warm up then read this important article about injury prevention.

Building your leg endurance to last the distance is important. During this part of the training plan the long runs will get longer. Be mindful to continue to enjoy these, time on your feet is more important that pace. Keep within the pace range. If you chose to run hills then keep your grade adjusted pace within the range.

These long runs are also an excellent opportunity for you to practise your race day hydration and nutrition strategy. Practice doing this without stopping. Eating and drinking on the move requires practice. A high level nutrition guide is here

Monday – Rest / Day off

Tuesday – Easy Run 40-50mins, pace 5:55-6:29

Wednesday - Rest / Day off

Thursday – Tempo interval, 40-75mins, Warm up 15-25mins (5:55-6:29), run 15-25mins at tempo pace (5:20-5:30) and 10-20mins to cool down (5:55-6:29)

Friday – Rest / Day off

Saturday – Easy Run, 20-30mins, pace 5:55-6:29

Sunday – Long Steady Run, 80-105mins, pace 5:57-6:42


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