Feeling a Bit Off Today? When to Change a Workout

Feeling a Bit Off Today? When to Change a Workout

Feeling a bit off today? It happens to the best of us. Some days, lacing up those running shoes feels like a Herculean task. But fear not, it’s ok to miss the occasional workout or adapt it. Whether it's a case of the doldrums, unfavourable weather, or simply a lack of mojo, or time, there are ways to salvage your training and turn those less-than-ideal days into victories.


What sets the pro-runner apart from us mere mortals is their ability to adapt and conquer even when the odds seem stacked against them. Instead of throwing in the towel at the first sign of adversity, they embrace the challenge and make the most out of every situation. So, how can we adopt this champion mindset and take control of our training plan?


Adapt Your Workout:

Let's say you're scheduled for a gruelling session of 1500m repeats at 10K pace, but you're just not feeling it. Instead of soldiering on with unrealistic expectations, consider adjusting your workout to match your current state. Pro-runners would opt to slow down their pace slightly, ensuring they still get the work done without risking burnout. Remember, it's better to complete a modified workout than to push too hard and risk injury or exhaustion. Sometimes, just starting at a slower pace than planned and then winding up into the workout toward the target pace is a good option.


Modify the Intensity or Volume:

If slowing down isn't an option, don't be afraid to tweak the intensity or volume of your workout. For shorter distances, like the 800m to 5K range, reducing the number of repeats while maintaining pace can be a smart move. This allows you to focus on quality over quantity and prevents overexertion. Alternatively, extending the recovery time between repeats can give your body the extra rest it needs to perform at its best.


Can the Workout Completely:

There will be times when you are just too tired, to stressed, lack the time, motivation to train. In these cases, it is OK to can the workout. Rest, re-focus and comeback with renewed vigour for your next session. Don’t try and catch up by forcing training somewhere else in the week. If you need a break, rest, take it.


Listen to Your Body:

Above all, listen to your body and trust your instincts. If something feels off, don't force it. Pro runners are masters at tuning into their bodies and making split-second decisions based on how they feel. By learning to recognize the signs of fatigue or compromised conditions, you can make informed adjustments to your training and avoid unnecessary setbacks.


Remember, every run, no matter how challenging, is an opportunity to grow stronger and more resilient, both mentally and physically. So, the next time you find yourself facing a less-than-ideal workout, channel your inner pro-runner and embrace the challenge, take control, adapt and move on. With a bit of flexibility and a positive attitude, you'll emerge stronger and more prepared for whatever the road ahead may hold.


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