Week 4 Nailing a Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon

Week 4 (duration 110-160mins)

Welcome to week 4. This is the last week of the base phase, it is a consolidation week, a down week. There are no workouts this week and it is designed to help your body recover and consolidate the gains from the previous weeks and adapt. So keep that pace in the easy range. This rest week is just as important as the stress building weeks that came before and will follow.

While you are on this down week I would like you to focus on two articles.

The first is what are the traits of a successful runner, you will have seen these in your training over the last 3 weeks, if not before. While you may not have all of them, these traits will be developed over time, and different runners may emphasise different aspects based on their individual strengths and preferences.

Success in running is a personal journey, and the definition of success may vary from one runner to another. One thing is certain on your running journey you will have ups and downs. You will also build confidence as a runner. Focus on what builds that confidence.

Secondly, I would like you to reflect on another really important aspect: lessons learnt from other runners. In this article I review the common mistakes runners make and how to avoid them.

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Phase: Base fitness

Monday – Rest / Day off

Tuesday – Easy Run 30-45mins, pace 6:02-6:37

Wednesday - Recovery or Cross Train, 30mins, pace 6:02-6:37

Thursday – Easy Run 30-45mins, pace 6:02-6:37

Friday / Saturday - Recovery or Cross Train, 30mins, pace 6:02-6:37

Sunday – Long Steady Run, 50--70mins, pace 6:04-6:50


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