Don't Taper, Peak

Don't Taper, Peak

Ready to reach your peak performance on race day? I ditched the notion of tapering and embraced the art of peaking. The last 14 days before a race is critical. Here’s how I make every stride count.


Stick to Your Routine:

Consistency is key. Keep your weekly running routine intact during the peaking phase. Whether you run four days a week or six, maintain your schedule. Your body thrives on routine, so don't throw it off balance by suddenly changing your habits.


Gradually Reduce Volume:

As race day approaches, gradually dial back your training volume. Aim for a reduction of 10-20 minutes two weeks out and 20-30 minutes the week of the race. But remember, don't cut too much too soon. Striking the right balance ensures your body is primed for peak performance without feeling flat on race day.


Keep Intensity High:

While scaling back on volume, maintain the intensity of your workouts, if not increase it slightly. Keep that engine revved and those pumps primed. Push yourself, but avoid racing your workouts. A little fast running during the peaking phase can work wonders for your body and mind.


Stick to Your Strategy:

Plan your race strategy ahead of time and stick with it. Whether you prefer a conservative start or a more aggressive approach, trust in your plan. Be flexible to adapt if conditions change, but for the most part, trust in your preparation and let the race unfold as planned.


Reflect and Build Confidence:

Reflect on your training journey, both the tough workouts where you pushed through and the moments of triumph. Remind yourself of your resilience and strength. Visualise your best performances to bolster your confidence and ignite your excitement for race day.


Have Fun and Smile:

Remember, running is about enjoyment and personal challenge. Release the pressure and have fun with it. Smile often in the days leading up to the race. A positive mindset can work wonders for your mood and performance.


With a positive mindset, a well-trained body, and at your fitness peak, you're destined for success on race day. Embrace the journey, trust in your preparation, and let your inner champion shine through. It's time to reach new heights and conquer your goals with a smile on your face and fire in your heart. You've got this!



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