Good, Better, Best, There is Always Room For Improvement

Good, Better, Best, There is Always Room For Improvement

Ever had one of those races where you crossed the finish line feeling like a superhero? You know, the kind where you set a new personal best or conquered a tough course with style? It's easy to bask in the glory of success, but what if I told you there's even more to learn from those victories than meets the eye?


In my years of personal running experience and coaching, I've noticed a curious trend among successful runners: they're always seeking ways to improve, even when they've just smashed their previous records. Instead of resting on their laurels, they're already dissecting their race, pinpointing moments where they could have squeezed out even more speed or efficiency.


So, how do you harness the power of a good race and turn it into fuel for future success? Here are five steps to maximise your learning and elevate your performance to new heights:


Expect the Voice:

You know that little voice in your head that whispers doubts when the going gets tough? Expect it to rear its head, even in your best races. Recognise that discomfort is part of the process and choose the pain of the race over the regret of holding back. Embrace the challenge and push through, knowing that greatness lies on the other side.


When in Doubt:

Go for It: In every race, there are split-second decisions that can make or break your performance. Should you push harder to catch that runner ahead or conserve your energy? When in doubt, err on the side of boldness. Embrace the opportunity to push your limits and seize every chance to go faster.


Know Yourself:

Reflect on past races and identify patterns of missed opportunities or "mistakes." Use these insights to inform your race strategy and avoid repeating the same errors. By knowing yourself and your tendencies, you can tailor your approach for maximum success.



Don't save anything for the finish line. Sprint with everything you've got in those final meters. Whether it's a burst of speed or a surge of determination, leave it all on the course. Regret is far worse than exhaustion, so give it your all and finish strong.


Risk Everything:

Races are your chance to push the boundaries and explore your limits. Embrace the risk and challenge yourself to go beyond what you thought possible. Success isn't guaranteed, but the lessons learned from pushing yourself to the edge are invaluable. Take calculated risks, trust in your abilities, and make every race your best race yet.


So, the next time you toe the line, remember: it's not just about the time on the clock or your place among the field. It's about perfect execution, relentless determination, and the unwavering pursuit of excellence. Embrace the journey, embrace the challenge, and let your victories propel you to even greater heights. Your best race is yet to come.


Be the Best You Can Be

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Hello Simon,
While I completely believe in giving it your absolute best. In my case, with a number of injuries- as a result of pushing the physical limits a bit too far, I would put forward the idea of the best as being a combination of both the best mental awareness of the limits of the body as well as the physical ability to go right up to those limits without going beyond them. So I agree with a note; push as hard* as you can.
*and as smart
Again, I enjoy your posts.
Best regards,

Eric Scharpf

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