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5k Training Plan Intermediate to Advanced

5k Training Plan Intermediate to Advanced

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You want to push down your 5k time. This plan is designed to move you from an intermediate endurance athlete to an advanced endurance athlete. 

All our training plans are tailored to you by a Coach to help you achieve your goal. 

Training plan duration options: 8, 12, 16, 20 weeks.

This plan all the workouts geared towards making you better at the 5k. The plan builds fitness in a gradual, yet progressive way to help you stay injury-free. There are goal pace predictor workouts to dial in your goal pace. Progressive long runs to increase your endurance. Stamina-boosting marathon specialty workouts. Predictor workouts to determine your best pace for race day. Gradual pace advancement through the training plan to keep you optimally challenged

This is the right plan for you if:

  • You have already completed the 5k intermediate plan and want to take the next step.
  • You run 4-6 times in any given week for 50 to 60 minutes on your regular runs and 90 minutes on your long runs.
  • You are prepared to build on this.
  • You are ready to perform several types of workouts from stamina workouts to speed workouts to goal pace workouts.
  • You are ready for the end result: to feel fast and strong have race pace fully dialed in.

Weekly mileage = 30 -45 miles per week (48 - 72 kilometers per week)

This 5k training plan makes sure you have the mental and physical strength to achieve your goal. We have had so much success with it and we think you'll love the challenge across the plan.

For each and every run, you will get the exact pace range for each run/workout and will advance the paces as you progress through the training plan so you are always optimally challenged. The plan is flexible so it can flow with your life. You can easily move runs around based on your life schedule.

In addition to the run training, you will also be provided our strength training program that syncs with your run training as well as the form drills to help you improve your running form and learn to run fast. These ""prehab"" programs are included with your plan and build you into a strong, supple, injury-resistant runner.

Once you have purchased you plan, we will send you an invite to our Private Online Training Platform: Final Surge. Once you have connected to this platform we will apply you plan to it. Happy running. 

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