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10k Training Plan: Couch to Complete

10k Training Plan: Couch to Complete

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This is your time to shine, your FIRST 10k, time to lace up and get out there. 

This is our first-timer program. Specifically designed to get you off the couch and complete a 10k. What an achievement!

All our training plans are tailored by a Coach to help you achieve your goal. 

Training plan duration options: 8, 12, 16, 20 weeks.

This plan will suit you if you:

Are a first-timer and have never run before or have a very low base of fitness

There are a variety of plans based on the time frame to the event. All are built with the sole objective of getting you to complete it. 

There are no pre-requisites to complete this plan, apart from a positive attitude. 

If you are already running 3 times per week for between 20 to 30 minutes, then the next program maybe more relevant: 10k Novice / Beginner training plan

What to expect

  • Our plan is structured to slowly and progressively build your fitness.
  • This will take time and you must be patient as your body and legs, in particular, get used to the work load you are asking of them.
  • For each prescribed activity you will be provided a pace range.
  • Paces will progressively increase to keep you challenged through out the plan
  • The plan is designed specifically to progress you from walk/run activities to consistent run activities.
  • The plan has been designed to be flexible so that you can move prescribed activities around as required.
  • Take good care of your body by going to bed early, stretching and massaging your legs, and eating well. At the end of this plan, you will be ready for the race!

Your commitment

  • 3 activities per week
  • 8 - 20 weeks (depending on the plan chosen)
Once you have purchased you plan, we will send you an invite to our Private Online Training Platform: Final Surge. Once you have connected to this platform we will apply you plan to it. Happy running. 
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