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Essentials Package, for novices, beginners and returning runners

Essentials Package, for novices, beginners and returning runners

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Helping new or beginners to running navigate the most optimal training plan
This is our entry level subscription package. It has been specifically designed to help new starters and beginners. If you are about to embark on your running journey and you are:  

  • Suitable for any age, ability or fitness level
  • Completely new to running
  • Have begun running
  • A recent return runner
  • Looking for guidance to walk, run/walk or run an event
  • Looking structured training program personalized to you by a coach, that progressively and safely improves your fitness
  • Aiming to complete a 5k, 10k, half marathon or marathon 
  • looking for a training program over 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 weeks
  • Wanting to become the BEST you can be

If you are already running 3 times per week, upto 30 minutes each run, then you maybe better suited to the Improver package

The Essentials package includes:

  • Unlimited access to our most popular 5k/10k/Half Marathon and Marathon plans at no cost to you
  • Coach help to select AND tailor the right training program and paces
  • Access to qualified coaches to ask questions
  • Monthly Coach review of progress
  • Access to all insights and articles posted
  • Subscription can be cancelled at anytime 

What this package is not 

  • 1:1 personal coaching 
  • You do not get access to the specialty plans like the race-specific plans (e.g., Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon, etc.) and the terrain-specific plans (e.g., downhill half-marathon plan, hilly marathon plan, etc.)

If you need a more personalised approach please have a look at our premium 1:1 Coaching Subscription

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